NativeStone Shield
NativeStone Shield NativeStone Shield NativeStone Shield
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NativeStone® Shield

NativeStone® Shield penetrates concrete on a molecular level to create a protective, yet integrated barrier against stains and scratching.  While all NativeStone products come pre-sealed, this exclusive sealer is now available for application on heavily used NativeStone sinks or bathtubs to ensure years of protection.


  • Clear protective coating for sinks, bathtubs and countertops
  • Preserves concrete from discoloration and wear
  • Highly stain resistant
  • Food safe and non-toxic; approved for use on kitchen and bar/prep sinks
  • UV protection for use outdoors on sinks, planters or sculptures


  • 4oz cans for use on sinks and smaller items
  • 8oz cans for use on bathtubs and larger items
  • Easily applied with paint tray and foam brush (not included)